You are a lawyer and you want to gain commercial litigation clients?

Don’t lecture

Don’t network

Don’t write articles or books

Don’t hope that you will get referrals

None of this works. Our system for generating new clients does. Our system was developed by an attorney and the results are impressive and virtually immediate. You will have new clients within a month and each month thereafter.

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Purchasing our system for obtaining new clients so as to start or grow your practice will be the best money you ever spent on  your career.  Your client base will expand quickly and exponentially.

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About us

Exponential Client Growth, LLC (“ECG”) was formed with you and the growth of your practice in mind.  Its founder, a commercial litigation attorney with 41 years of top-flight experience, has seen how law is practiced in everything from small to national law firms. 

He has experienced life as a litigation associate in a 300 person law firm, as a litigation associate and then partner in a 4 person litigation boutique, as a litigation partner in a large national law firm and as a litigation partner in large New York law firms.  He knows how hard it is to obtain clients.

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ECG’s founder eventually left a large New York law firm to start his own hugely successful law practice from scratch and with a zero client base, using only the method being offered to you here to grow and obtain commercial litigation clients.

ECG’s founder developed a method for quickly obtaining clients in commercial litigation matters, because he got fed up with the traditional advice given him over the years by senior partners, all of which he tried and none of which worked. 

He gave lectures on law topics all around the country, he wrote articles and a book on a specialized area of law, he networked, and he waited for people to call or refer business to him.  None of this worked.  It doesn’t work and anyone who tells you that it does is perpetuating a myth.

ECG’s system to obtain clients works.  It was developed by ECG’s founder precisely because the traditional methods for obtaining clients were hugely time consuming, and didn’t work.  If you purchase the system and apply it, you will start obtaining new clients within 30 days. 

Thereafter, with this system you will continue to obtain new clients each month.  It worked for EGC’s founder and it can and will work for you.  Whether you have no clients at all and want to start a practice or already have an existing client base but want to expand it, the EGC system will help you do so.

Our system

Exponential Client Growth, LLC (“ECG”) has developed a system for obtaining new clients that works. The system has nothing to do with traditional wisdom for obtaining clients, which does not work, such as networking, writing articles or books, lecturing or waiting for referrals to roll in.

Utilizing ECG’s system will permit you to start obtaining new clients for commercial litigation matters within 30 days. Moreover, you will obtain the clients with far less of an investment in time than would be required were you to utilize more traditional methods for finding clients that don’t even yield results.

ECG expects that a very modest investment of time by you alone or with the help of  someone in your office (one hour each work day, for maximum results) will bring in 5 or 6 new clients within the first month, with each paying a retainer. The system will continue to generate similar results each month thereafter.  At any time you can reduce your investment of time from an hour each day to an hour every two or three days or however you see fit, once your client base has reached a level with which you are happy and satisfied.

Cost & Purchase


is the cost for you to jump-start and build a successful legal practice, by receiving ECG’s client generating strategy package

If you follow ECG’s instructions in its client generation strategy package, you should recoup the $850 and exponentially more in just a month through retainers paid by new clients.  This $850 investment and the system you will receive will pave the way to your generating huge legal fees each year, as the system has done for its founder.  You can build an entire law practice using this system.

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